How to Make the Most of Your Child Care Subsidy

It’s our mission to serve our families and add the most value for money based on their needs, we understand there is no one size fits all option when it comes to early childhood education and care. You now have the freedom to choose which session hours best suit your needs. Introducing 6 hour, 9 hour, 10 hour and 12 hour / full day session options are now available to all families under the one associated flat fee, enabling them to make the most out of the Child Care Subsidy.

This change will reduce your out of pocket costs and increase access to subsidised hours, the new introduction of these flexible session hours, are part of our mission statement in providing the most practical, applicable, the latest and most up to date education and care available to as many people we can. Our services will be of the highest quality, value for money, and will always add the most value.

Kidi Kingdom families will benefit by:

  • Being able to enrol in the most suited flexible session options based on your busy lifestyle & needs.

  • You have the choice of the start and finish times that best suit your family needs, not like other centre’s that are limited to fixed session times that may not suit your schedule.

Choose from our 6 hour, 9 hour, 10 hour or 12 hour (full day) sessions and make the most out of your Child Care Subsidy = adorable child care.

Flexible hours may not suit everyone. It is important to compare all four scenarios to see which option best suits your individual circumstances, based on your Child Care Subsidy.

How we helped a family go on a 5 Star Luxury Holiday Every Year……..

The Smith family have 3 children all currently attend a centre four days a week. The centre’s daily fee is $90 before CCS ( Child Care Subsidy). Although the family have 36 hours of subsidised care available per fortnight, their centre opening hours are 6:15am to 6:15pm which means they are using 12 hours per day x 4 days a week = currently attending full day session ( 12 hours ) equates to a total 96 hours per fortnight per child. This results in 60 hours above the 36 hours of subsidised care the Smith family had to pay for the 60 hours per fortnight out of pocket ( no subsided fees for the 60 hours ). We provided a detailed quote using their details in the estimator, the Smith family found that moving to a 6 hour session option instead of the full day ( 12 hour session option ) which better suited their needs and reduced their out of pocket costs by a massive $372.38 a fortnight. This is a massive saving for the Smith Family, a total of $9,681.88 per year. The Smith family have chosen to use the out of pocket savings on a 5 star holiday every year.

Need help?

Contact us today so we can help you save as much as possible. It’s our mission to provide the highest quality care and value for money.

Need to find out your CCS availability details? Call the Child Care Subsidy Support Line on 1800 319 434.

If you are experiencing any problems with your transition to the new Child Care Subsidy please phone Centrelink on 136 150.

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