The number one cause of many types of influenza strains in Australia is the small influenza virus droplets that travel through the air and we inhale them or come in contact with objects that an infected person has touched like telephones and computer keyboards. As a result the virus is transferred to our eyes,noses and mouths after we have touched the infected object. It is safe to say that a very high level of hygiene practices should be exercised.

At Kidi Kingdom Child Care we have implemented high quality hygiene and cleaning practices to ensure we assist in the prevention and spread of these nasty viruses.

There are many preventative measures you can take at home to avoid this nasty bug spreading;

  • Take advantage of the influenza vaccination and get all of your family immunised
  • Wipe down all surfaces frequently touched daily with sanitiser. This includes benches,computer keyboards, children’s toys, tables, chairs and those objects that a strong inhibitors for germs.
  • Ensure if you present symptoms that you avoid spreading the virus by coughing in your arm/elbow or hand, then washing your hands each time this occurs
  • Encourage little ones to cover their mouth and always be handwashing before and after meals, when coughing and after playing
  • Ensure everyone washes their hands with soap and water or hand sanitiser thoroughly several times per day

If you require any further helpful information to combat this deadly flu season, please contact us at Kidi Kingdom Child Care and our friendly team will be more than  happy to assist you.