Newsletter Winter / Spring 2023 Edition
Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centre - Pimpama
Friday 13th - (10am - 11am) - Grandparents Day Morning Tea
Friday 27th - (All Day) - Day for Daniel Morcombe
Tuesday 31st - (All Day) - Halloween Dress-up
Wednesday 8th - Friday 10th - (All Day) - Recycle Week
Monday 13th - (All Day) - Remembrance Day
Friday 17th - (All Day) - Crazy Hair Day
Wednesday 13th - (3.00pm - 4.00pm) - Pimpama Centre - Pre Prep Graduation Ceremony
Friday 22nd - (2pm-4pm) - Pimpama Centre Children's Christmas Party
Letter from the Centre Manager

Welcome to all, how exciting to be sharing our Newsletter with you all.


I would like to first take this opportunity to THANK all of our Kidi Kingdom Families that have choosen us to provide our services and entrusting us with the honor of caring for your children.


Please welcome our Management team that are onsite daily at the centre:

Rebecca Niven (Assistant Centre Manager), Zee Veljanoski (Receptionist & Centre Administration) and myself: Jessica Hines (Centre Manager). We look forward to serving & supporting all families in their journey here @ Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama. Please feel free to contact us at any time in person or via email:


It has been my pleasure in serving and building relationships with our amazing families, children and educators everyday. This has made my role as the Centre Manager the most rewarding aspect of my career.


Please like our Facebook page to stay up to date with events and important information. We always appreciate our loyal families helping our centre by sharing your positive experiences to the local community by writing a quick Google or Facebook review. Thank you to all the families that have already taken to the time to write a review. Much appreciated :)


Kind Regards,
Jessica Hines
Centre Manager
Rebecca Niven
Assistant Centre Manager

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Message from the Educational Program Leader

Welcome to all our Valued Centre Families who have enrolled at Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama.

My name is Miss Kajal and I am your Educational Leader for Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama. My role as your centre's Educational Leader is to promote an understanding of the approved learning frameworks, keeping up to date with current research/resources and sharing these, exploring opportunities for professional development, helping educators to understand and implement policies and procedures, encouraging educators to reflect on their practice and discussing ways to demonstrate the service is meeting the standards.

I will be ensuring every classroom meets the highest quality standards with their implementation and facilitation of our educational programs. I am here to support our educators in their educational practices and to ensure their programming documentation relating to your child's development is of a high quality standard and your child is receiving the best possible care to nurture their individual development.

If you have any questions I am more than happy to assist our families and answer these questions relating to your children's development and daily routines. This month I will be supporting our educators in changing the environment for children for a change in learning through play, educators preparing excellent experience within themes such as occupations, health hygiene, the five senses, colours, transportation, families and much more including children's interest, choices and challenges which is important to ensure children feel secure, safe and supported in their learning environment.

We welcome your feedback and will implement all your feedback as we are aiming for your child to thrive and extend on their developmental milestones whilst they are in our care at Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama.

Kind Regards, Miss Kajal Educational Leader.

Early Years Room 1

Welcome Valued Families of the Early Years Room. The children are developing their knowledge and learning about occupations and transportation. We are exploring these through a variety of experiences such as making cars with hand prints, chef hats, making rocket space crafts using paper and waste material such as cardboard. This helps us extend our social and fine motor skills through activities which influence learning through play. We encourage the children to become familiar with their surroundings in the environment. For example, in reference to occupations, we support the children in learning about what others around us do. We can set goals of what the children would like to be in the future. With our theme of transportation, we can help the children understand how things work.

We have explored different professions like how doctors save lives, how astronauts go for missions in space, how chefs work in a restaurant and make food for people much more through role plays. Moreover, children investigated with the help of educators which transport works & where including land, sky and water throughout our amazing sensory experiences including children interest and choices.

We have extended the occupation theme as the children loved it and wanted to participate in more role plays such as in a cafe (BARISTA). The children have been very responsive and have extended their communication skills by interacting in small groups with their turns and cooperative behavior. The children have been engaged with many science experiences and extracurricular activities throughout the free play.

The children have been involved in many aspects of learning and developing their self help skills with washing hands, putting their dishes away in the bucket after meal times and helping make their beds. To extend this educators set up a theme called health and hygiene. It also helps children encourage healthy eating and staying safe from common diseases like cold and fever etc. This is a great way for the children to help each other and extend on their self help skills throughout the day. Though group times we have been extending our communication skills with group songs, learning our letters and saying good morning in different languages so we can further extend on their multicultural awareness and language skills whilst they sit together as a small group experience. Thank you for arriving every day with happy faces as we are here to ensure our children have a great experience whilst enrolled with Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama.

Kind Regards, Miss Kajal, Miss Talia & Miss Aqsa.

Junior Early Learners Room 3

Welcome to the Junior Early Learners classroom, we would like to welcome the Lead Educator: Miss Jade joining the the classroom. Miss Jade brings energy, experience & fun learning activities.

Our little ones have been working on name recognition through song, allowing Miss Jade to get to know each child's name and familiarize them with hers. We have been exploring our friends interests through play and discussing the importance of gentle hands. We have been promoting the children's emerging skills and development to support self help.

Over the next couple of weeks we will be sending out some information for parents to engage in our room with family photos, stories and more. If you would like to discuss your children's development and progress, please do not hesitate to arrange a time suitable to discuss your little one.

Kind Regards, Miss Jade and Miss Kylie.

Early Learners Room 4

Welcome to our Families of the Early Learners Room.

Children explore the outdoor playground every morning and afternoon. Outdoor experiences offer many benefits and opportunities to them, discover and explore nature as well as strengthen their fine and gross motor skills which develop into their social skills. We have been laying strong foundations with all families in the terms of trust, respect and secure relationships to provide the best care for the children.

A special congratulations to Brayden, Vallon and Noelle who celebrated their first birthday with us!!

We welcomed our new little ones to our Early Learners room. Florence, Ella, Koen and Vallon recently joined our Early Learners group. We have been focusing on babies' interest and abilities to discover and build their world. We would like to lead babies to explore nature, weather and many natural resources to achieve their milestones.

We celebrated many events in June & July, where we supported and encouraged our babies to participate. In June we started off with National Reconciliation Week. We listened to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander music & sang to respect and understand the culture.

We are introducing all the events and celebrations to our babies, in order to familiarise them with the celebrations and events. We are celebrating National Aboriginal Children's Day, National Science Week & Children's Book Week, "We Read, Grow, and Inspire". We are all working together in engaging with the children and enjoying taking them out to explore. Introducing and exploring Science, we will be exploring weather & nature, with many exciting experiences planned for our babies this season ahead.

We are exploring! It helps in developing children's gross motor skills, physical, cognitive and social skills. It will also help them understand basic literacy skills.

Kind Regards, Miss Sandy

Senior Early Years Room 5

Welcome to the Senior Early Years Room. It has been a fun-filled couple of months.

We would like to start by welcoming all our new families to the Senior Early Years Classroom. It has been a busy few months with the children making new discoveries, accepting challenges, celebrating achievements and demonstrating a sense of belonging, independence and creativity while building friendships and having fun.

The children have been showing great interest in gardening and outdoor play which promotes a fun and educational tool exploring their senses and nature.

Our topic for the month we have focused on is colours, learning colour recognition through art and craft, songs, music and stories.

I look forward to working with our families to promote our children's development and learning and provide experiences to support our children's growth.

Kind Regards, Miss Kitvida.

Kindergarten Room 6

This term in our Kindergarten Room we have participated in educational and learning experiences to enhance our literacy and numeracy skills.

We continued learning about the alphabet. The children have engaged in letter experiences to develop their writing skills and letter recognition. We have experienced writing each letter on the smartboard and using whiteboards also. We have implemented art and craft according to that letter including collage, painting, drawing and colouring. We have participated in cooking to represent the letter we have been learning. For example, M for Milkshake. The children made healthy banana milkshakes for themselves.

We are also learning about the numbers 1 to 20 and counting. We experienced a variety of activities for numbers and counting to support our gained knowledge. Rolling the dice, counting objects and matching with the right number flashcard are activities the children like to experience.

The children are also developing skills in writing their names and getting ready for primary school. This includes learning about the months of the year, the days of the week, patterns and shapes. The children are provided with outdoor experiences to support their physical development and balance coordination. We have introduced experiences such as hopscotch where the children can also learn counting numbers.

I look forward to working closely with your child to support their learning, development and transition into primary school.

Kind Regards, Miss Assra.

School Care Room 7

Welcome to the School Care Room.

In the Before and After School Care Room we have been working towards building resilience and practicing mindfulness in the classroom each afternoon while also building a relationship with our new Lead Educator, Miss Pagan.

The children in this room are showing a great interest in the outdoors with ball games, exploring the obstacle course and watering and helping to take care of our centre garden. Throughout the rest of the month we will look at extending on this by taking on the responsibility of caring for our own individual pot plants and looking into the different requirements of our plants as we practice and demonstrate our understanding of sustainability in the classroom.

The children have shown great interest in working together as they create amazing lego and block displays.It is wonderful to see the children taking additional interest in helping educators through preparing activities and being a part of building our curriculum.

Kind Regards, Miss Pagan.

Small Business Promotionn
Kidi Kingdom Child Care wishes to thank the following local business for their continued support.
Please email if you would like your business featured in our Newsletter.
Educator of the Month

Team Member of the Month for June is Miss Sandy!

Congratulations Miss Sandy - Thank you for being kind, caring, friendly, and patient with children. We cannot thank you enough for always encouraging them to feel happy and comfortable with their peers.

Team Member of the Month for July is Holly Pihema!

Congratulations Miss Holly - We appreciate you for being the most fun-loving educator any child could have. We really appreciate everything children have learned from you.

Team Member of the Month for August is Miss Talia Mcnee!

Congratulations Miss Talia - Your hard work and love for the children is an example to everyone in our team! Thank you for being your best every day!

Cooking with Children!

Mini Cinnamon Scrolls

Super easy    ● 1:30 mins Prep Time   ● 0:15 mins Cooking Time


● 225 ml milk

● 75 g unsalted butter

● 425 g plain flour sifted

● 70 g caster sugar

● 1/2 tsp sea salt

● 10 g fast action dried yeast


● 75 g butter softened

● 50 g caster sugar

● 2 tsp ground cinnamon


● 1/2 cup icing sugar sifted

● 1 tbsp milk


1. Preheat the oven to 200ºC.

2. Heat the milk and butter in a small pan until it almost comes to a boil, then take it off the heat and allow it to cool down. You don't want the milk to be too hot when you add the yeast or it will prevent it from rising.

3. Mix together the flour, sugar and salt in a large bowl. Add the yeast and stir to combine. Make a well in the middle of the ingredients and add the warm milk mixture. Mix everything together until the dough starts pulling away from the side of the bowl. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and set it aside in a warm place for 30 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, make the filling. Mix together the butter, sugar and cinnamon in a bowl until well combined. Lightly spray two mini muffin trays with oil, or grease with melted butter, and set aside.

5. Divide the dough into two pieces. Working with one piece at a time, and using a rolling pin, roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to form a 20 cm x 30 cm rectangle. Spread 1/2 the filling evenly over the rectangle. Roll it up using one of the long edges to make a long cylinder shape.

6. Using a sharp knife, cut the rolled up dough into 12 slices. Place each piece into a mini muffin cup. Continue with the other piece of dough until all the cups are filled. Cover the trays with oiled plastic wrap and let the scrolls rise in a warm place for 30-40 minutes, or until they've doubled in size.

7. Bake the scrolls on the middle shelf of the oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown. Remove the scrolls from their pan and let them rest on a cooling rack while you prepare the icing.

8. To make the icing, whisk together the icing sugar and milk in a small bowl. If it seems too thick add a little more milk 1/2 teaspoon at a time. Once you have a smooth, runny icing, drizzle it over the scrolls. Allow the scrolls to set before serving.

NOTES: Un-iced scrolls can be stored in the freezer for up to 3 months.

Children's Birthday Celebrations
Lonzo William Tiana
Brayden Ariyah Caleb
Grayson Koen Savannah
Amaiya Jazziah Ella
Maisie Malia Leah
Faith Willow Indie
Vallon Chase Olivia
Frankie Cooper Jasmine
Mason Braxton Cuba
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