Newsletter Spring / Summer 2023 Edition
Kidi Kingdom Child Care - Coomera
December 2023
Friday 22nd - (2pm-4pm) - Coomera Centre Children's Christmas Party
January 2024
Wednesday 3rd - (All Day) - International Mind-Body and Wellness Day
Thursday 25th - (All Day) - Australia Day Celebrations
February 2024
Tuesday 6th - (All Day) - Waitangi Day Celebrations
Friday 9th - (All Day) - Chinese New Year - Year of the Dragon
Wednesday 14th - (All Day) - Valentines Day Celebrations
What is Kindy?
Kindergarten, known as kindy, is a part-time educational program for children in the year before Prep (the first year of school in Queensland). Kindy is a place where your child will learn through play experiences and interactions that support their early learning, wellbeing and development. By participating in kindy, children develop a love of learning and are supported with their transition to Prep. Queensland Government-approved kindy programs are delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher. Kindy programs can be offered at early childhood education centres; selected rural and remote and other selected state schools where there have been barriers to access kindergarten; and by distance education or eKindy for some children who cannot access a centre.

Learning at Kindy

Kindy provides young children with opportunities to:
  • use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs
  • make friends, interact and cooperate with others
  • identify issues and develop problem solving skills
  • become more confident and independent in their abilities
  • connect with, explore and contribute to their world
  • build their knowledge and explore new ideas, helping to build their confidence.
Free Kindy from 2024 !

The Queensland Government is making kindy free for all Queensland families. Kindy will be free for eligible-aged children who attend a government-approved program offering free kindy from 1 January 2024. This is 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per year, of free kindy taught by a qualified early childhood teacher. Families can choose kindy in a sessional kindergarten or kindergarten in a long day care. In Queensland, children can attend kindy in the year before they start Prep.

Each service is different and some may have a waiting list, so it's a good idea to speak to your chosen service about the best time to enrol your child. Your child must be 4 years old by 30 June in the year they enrol to participate in kindy.

Letter from the Centre Manager

Dear Valued Centre Families,


I hope our families are enjoying the beautiful sunny days that have finally reached our part of the world this Spring. I am excited to share some wonderful updates on what's been happening around our centre, as we head into the jolly season of Christmas!


Ginger Sport with Coach Mo has been a hit with our little ones! Soccer with us is positive and nurturing, in a safe environment for the children. It's a great sport for the children to start out with. It teaches coordination and teamwork with an energetic and positive vibe.


We have had some amazing events at Kidi Kingdom Child Care Coomera including Father's Day Afternoon Tea, Grandparents Morning Tea and Halloween celebrations. Thank you to all our families for coming along and making memories with us !.


I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome some amazing team members that have recently joined the Kidi Kingdom Child Care family.


Ms Louisa is our Lead Educator in the Senior Early Years classroom, she has also been appointed our new Educational Leader. Ms Louisa has a passion for teaching children with years of quality experience gained in the industry.


Ms Brodye is our new Assistant Educator. She is studying her Certificate III in Education and Care. Ms Brodye is very excited to gain more knowledge and experience in her new career endeavour of early childhood education.


Chef Mr Thomas has also joined our team. The children absolutely love the variety of delicious, nutritious gourmet meals prepared for them everyday for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.


We encourage our families to feel free to leave a 5 Star review and / or rating on Google Reviews, you can do so by clicking the below icons to let everyone know about your excellent experience here at Kidi Kingdom Child Care Coomera. We love reading reviews from our families!


Please like our Facebook page and we always appreciate our loyal families helping our centre by sharing your positive experiences to the local community by writing a quick Google, CareForKids or Facebook review. Thank you to the families that have already taken the time to write a review.


Kind Regards,
Ms Stephanette Roache
Centre Manager

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Message from the Educational Leader

Dear Valued Kidi Kingdom Families,

The team at Kidi Kingdom Child Care Coomera are an amazing group of educators. As the new Educational Leader, I have observed the high quality care provided to each individual child.

Using the National Quality Framework as a foundation in the programs for the children to reach their full potential in their skills.

A highlight for all was the immensely successful Grandparents Day, where the warmth and love shared between generations created lasting memories.

At Kidi Kingdom, our focus remains unwaveringly on the growth and happiness of our children. It is heartwarming to witness our little ones blossom each day and I am excited about the wonderful learning adventures that lie ahead.

Thank you for entrusting us with the privilege of nurturing your children. Here's to a season of growth, creativity, and endless possibilities!

Kind Regards, Ms Louisa Mitchell Educational Program Leader.

Early Learners Room

Hello Early Learners Families,

Welcome to our Early Learners Classroom! Over the past few months our Early Learners children have been very busy exploring lots of different events and learning opportunities. We have enjoyed celebrating Science Week, Book Week, Maori Week, Water Week, Children's Week, Halloween and Nutrition Week.

We also explored the children's current interests in jungle animals and shapes. To explore these topics and events we had costume dress ups, themed sensory trays, water play in our water park, craft activities and many more educational experiences. We celebrated each event with the appropriate stories and songs as well as having lots of fun dancing.

We are very excited to explore bugs, insects and our garden environment this month before moving onto every child's favourite time of year, Christmas time! The children will be participating in singing and dancing, Christmas carols, Christmas themed artwork and learning about the gift of giving by creating special handmade presents for their loved ones. We have some exciting sensory and water play planned so that the children can strengthen their fine and gross motor skills. We have Christmas themed puzzles and cognitive development activities planned also.

If any parents would like to participate by sharing ideas or input into our curriculum for the early learners' children, please see either Miss Courtney or Miss Amie.

Kind Regards, Ms. Courtney and Ms. Amie

Junior Early Years Room

Hello Valued Junior Early Years Families,

I would like to start by welcoming a number of amazing children and their families into the Junior Early Years classroom! The children have all developed new friendships and relationships with all their peers and educators in the classroom.

The last few months we have been very busy as we have been focusing on so many exciting topics!

The children love and have shown an interest in our flourishing garden this spring. To extend on the children's interests we have planted some flowers, peas, basil, mint and tomatoes to take advantage of this blooming season. To extend on this emerging interest we focused on reducing, recycling, and reusing. This year we grew the plants from last year's seeds and we used the leftover water from the drinking containers and rainwater. The children watered the garden and have been looking after the plants with lots of care and love. This is a great opportunity for the children to connect with and care for the environment.

We also celebrated lots of events and birthdays such as Grandparents Day, Father's Day, Diwali, Recycling Week, Space Week, and many more by engaging with arts and crafts, cooking, sustainability, and sensory activities.

Recently, we celebrated Halloween where all the children and educators dressed up and had so much fun with spooky themed experiences. We are very excited about upcoming events, especially Christmas. We have begun our preparations and selected the types of gifts we will be making for our loved ones.

A big thank you to all of our families and community for your ongoing support. It is wonderful to have such positive relationships with you all in order to appropriately support your child in their developmental journey.

Kind Regards, Ms Puneet, Ms Mia and Ms Brodye.

Early Years Room

Hello Senior Early Years Families,

In the magical realm of our Senior Early Years class, we have experienced a truly enchanting spring. Embracing the theme "Spring has Sprung", our focus extended from the lively plants and blossoms in our garden to the fluttering birds and buzzing insects that thrive in the springtime symphony.

Diving into the wonders of our very own Kidi Kingdom garden, we embarked on an exploration of the marvellous mint plant. As a united class we plucked mint leaves, revelled in their invigorating scent, and even dared to taste the minty freshness. Transforming these aromatic leaves into vibrant green stamps, we embarked on a collective artistic journey, imprinting our shared joy on paper.

Our creative escapades didn't stop there. We delved into the world of blooming flowers. Using recycled hand rollers, we breathed new life into old materials crafting stunning flower art that mirrored the beauty of spring. To engage our senses and induce relaxation, we indulged in the soothing aroma of dried flower-infused bath bombs and bath salts, creating a sensory retreat that transported us to a realm of tranquillity.

Taking our artistic endeavours outdoors, we channelled our inner Van Gogh, painting flowers on the pavement with paintbrushes and creating a water-flower masterpiece. The vibrant hues echoed the blossoms that adorned our surroundings turning our school grounds into an open-air gallery.

Not forgetting the humble apple, we explored its secrets by making prints and observing the tiny seeds within. Each piece of apple art became a canvas for our imagination, a celebration of nature's creativity.

As Spring unfolded its petals, it wasn't just the plants and animals around us that grew. Each child in the class began to blossom into their unique selves. We are like little buds, unfolding and growing into something wonderful.

With December just around the corner, our focus has shifted to the spirit of Christmas. As we eagerly anticipate the festive season, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the inspiring presence of the Kidi Kingdom community and families. Spring has indeed been a time of growth and joy in Kidi Kingdom, and we eagerly look forward to the enchantment that the holiday season will bring.

Kind Regards, Ms Louisa and Ms Astrid.

Kindergarten Room

Hello Kidi Kingdom Kindergarten Families,

It has been a magical past 3 months in the kindergarten room! As we enter the warmer seasons of the year, the children have taken advantage of the lovely sunshine days by playing in our awesome waterpark.

To celebrate the blossoming spring season we have been exploring our garden and the tiny beasts that live in our backyard environments, the highlight of this topic was using our sensory tray to create a small world of insects and pretend worms made out of pasta, the children used tweezers and magnifying glasses to make their own scientific observations.

Another highlight of the season was celebrating the spooky halloween season in october, the children dressed up in their scariest costumes! A fan favourite activity for this occasion was making little spiders out of poms poms and pipe cleaners.

Now that the much anticipated christmas season is approaching, we are all excited to prepare for the wonderful festive season. The children have already started giving our classroom a merry makeover by creating beautiful decorations to display around the room for all of our friends and family to see.

We look forward to seeing our loved ones into our beautifully festive kindergarten room for our graduation party as well as our annual christmas party!

Kind Regards, Ms Harman, Ms Simone and Ms Amber.

School Care Room

Welcome Valued Families of School Care,

The School children have been showing great responsibility during their time at our centre. Role-modelling good choices with the younger age groups and helping our educators set up fun and challenging obstacle courses for outdoor play.

We have been focusing on road safety with the School Children, with an emphasis on looking both ways for cars, listening to directions from Ms Rach when transporting them from Kidi Kingdom to School.

As Christmas is approaching, we are looking forward to planning some exciting activities for the vacation care period!

Kind Regards, Ms Rachael and Ms Eve.

Small Business Promotionn
Kidi Kingdom Child Care wishes to thank the following local business for their continued support.

Please email if you would like your business featured in our Newsletter.
Educator of the Month

Team Member of the Month for September is Rachael Bulling!

For always performing at high excellence and being dedicated to supporting the Kidi Kingdom Child Care Coomera Team.

Team Member of the Month for October is Simone Ferris!

For providing great care and love to the children in the Kindergarten room and for maintaining trusting and respectful relationships with the Kidi Kingdom Families.

Team Member of the Month for November is Louisa Mitchell!

For always presenting herself with a smile and a positive attitude. For supporting the children's needs and for being a valuable member to the Coomera Team.


Cooking with Children!

Sweet Potato and Apple Fritters.

How to Make this Recipe

● Peel and dice the sweet potato, and then cook until mashable. I did this step in the microwave. (Image 1) Drain off as much liquid as you can.

● Grate the apple (I used a box grater). (Image 2)

● Mash the sweet potato. (Image 3)

● Mix in the grated apple (Image 4)

● Add the flour, egg and sage in a large bowl to the sweet potato mixture.

● Mix until all combined.

● Grab tablespoonfuls and cook over medium heat with olive oil in a fry pan/ skillet.

● Flip when golden brown and cook until golden on the other side. Drain on paper towels.

Expert Tips and FAQs

The quickest way to cook the sweet potato is in the microwave, I just select "potatoes" and press go! That way they are cooked through for mashing.

Children's Birthday Celebrations
Liv Avah Teresa
Kobe Enzo Lucas
Patrick   Spencer
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