Newsletter Winter / Spring 2022 Edition
Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centre - Springfield
Wednesday 5th - (All Day)
World Teachers Day - CHILDREN ONLY EVENT
Friday 28th - (All Day)
Day for Daniel Morcombe - CHILDREN ONLY EVENT
Monday 31st - (All Day)
Halloween Dress-up - CHILDREN ONLY EVENT
Monday 7th - Friday 11th - (All Week)
Friday 11th - (All Day)
Monday 12th - (3.00pm - 4.00pm)
Hillcrest Centre - Pre Prep Graduation Ceremony - CHILDREN ONLY EVENT
Springfield Centre - Pre Prep Graduation Ceremony - CHILDREN ONLY EVENT
Coomera Centre - Pre Prep Graduation Ceremony - CHILDREN ONLY EVENT
Friday 23rd - (2pm-4pm)
Springfield Centre Children's Christmas Party - FAMILY EVENT
How to Understand Your Child Care Subsidy Assessment

Understanding Your Assessment Notice

Your assessment notice will have a Child Care Subsidy summary table on it. The table tells you about the child care fee assistance you're able to get. The table will have the following headings:

  • Child's name

  • Subsidy type

  • Subsidy percentage

  • Subsidised hours per fortnight

  • Annual cap

  • Withholdings

Child's Name

This will list any children you've made a claim for.

Subsidy Type

This tells you what you're eligible for.

If you're eligible for Child Care Subsidy, you may also be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy.

Subsidy Percentage

This is your Child Care Subsidy percentage. We work it out based on your family income estimate.

Your Child Care Subsidy percentage will apply to the lowest of either the:

  • Hourly fee you're charged by your child care service.

  • Hourly rate cap.

If your subsidy percentage is zero, it means your family income estimate was $353,680 or more. But it's important you still submit a claim for this subsidy. Just in case your income changes when we balance your payments after the end of the financial year. If your actual family income ends up being less than $353,680, we'll pay you the additional subsidy you're entitled to.

If you're eligible, but your percentage is zero, you may still be eligible for Additional Child Care Subsidy.

Read more about how your family income affects your Child Care Subsidy percentage.

Annual Cap

This tells you if we'll cap your Child Care Subsidy. This depends on your family income estimate. There's no annual cap on your subsidy if your family income estimate was $189,390 or less.

If your estimate was more than $189,390 and under $353,680, your annual cap is $10,560. This cap applies to each child in care for each financial year.

Subsidised Hours Per Fortnight

This is the number of hours of child care we'll subsidise. We work this out based on your hours of activity per fortnight. If you have a partner, we use the lower of your 2 activity levels.

If your subsidised hours is zero, it's because you or your partner do less than 8 hours of activity.

You need to do at least 8 hours of activity per fortnight. Recognised activities include working, training, studying and volunteering. For example, 4 hours a week of any recognised activity will give you 18 hours of subsidised care a week.

Read more about how your activity level affects Child Care Subsidy.


We withhold 5% of your Child Care Subsidy each fortnight to reduce the likelihood of an overpayment. An overpayment could result in a debt after the end of financial year when we balance your payments.

You're able to vary this amount to suit your circumstances. You can do this up to twice a year using your Centrelink online account through myGov. If you'd like to change it more than this, you'll need to call the Families line.

Letter from the Centre Manager

Dear Families,

Miss Natalie and myself would like to thank our current and new families for joining our centre and we hope you and your family are having a wonderful time with us at Kidi Kingdom Child Care.

We are very glad to see that most of our families and children have kept well and healthy over the flu season, thank you to the families for being extra cautious this Winter.

As you are aware we have had construction work next door of 4 duplex houses. These houses are due to open Mid September, we wish to advise families and the community to be cautious of the news traffic that will happen in the street. Please ensure you watch your speed for children, school children and community members.

Please like our Facebook page and we always appreciate our loyal families helping our centre by sharing your positive experiences to the local community by writing a quick Google, CareForKids or Facebook review. Thank you for the families that have already taken to the time to write a review.

April Hall,
Centre Manager
Natalie Andrews
Assistant Centre Manager

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Message from the Educational Program Leader

Welcome Valued Families.

This term we have been sending our educators to amazing Professional Development of the Abecedarian Approach. The Abecedarian Approach as a method of providing high rich quality educators to children. It's made up of 4 areas of Language Priority, Enriched Caregiving, Learning Games and Conversational Reading. Early Learners and Snr Early Years classroom has adapted this approach with results in progress.

I hope our families enjoyed their children's 6 months Summative Report Card. I enjoyed reading through them seeing how all children attending Kidi Kingdom have progressed through the year. Remember you can stay up to date with classroom news and events via the Hubhello App.

Kind Regards, April Hall Centre Manager / Educational Program Leader.

Message from the Early Learners Room

Welcome Families of the Early Learners Room.

Over the past few months of Winter we have enjoyed exploring a variety of different learning topics including music and movement, Reconciliation Week, transport, road safety, colours, NAIDOC Week, baby role play, gross motor climbing, Dental Hygiene Week and healthy eating. We are currently enjoying a long term cooking experience and learning more about different food groups. We are looking forward to Science Week and Book Week to complete our Winter explorations.

This term we have welcomed new friends Zion, Jahna and Surya and look forward to getting to know our new friends as we spend more time together. Each day through play we are helping to encourage the children's social development as they learn to play co-operatively alongside their friends. We continue to encourage the use of our gentle hands and taking turns with our friends.

We enjoy working on our problem-solving skills as we explore puzzles and blocks and enjoy exploring our creative interests through a variety of hands-on art experiences. As the weather warms up, we look forward to spending more time outside engaging in our gross motor development. If you have any questions or ideas for our Early Learners curriculum, please feel free to either speak with Miss Sarah or Miss Jayde.

Thank you, Miss Sarah and Miss Jayde.

Message from the Junior Early Years Room

Dear Families of the Junior Early Years Room,

Through the Winter months we delved into a variety of learning subjects with the Juniors with topics such as "The Body" which saw us making discoveries about our Anatomy, viewing x-rays and learning about self care and general physical wellbeing. June and July included the annual Reconciliation Day and NAIDOC Week observances where we engaged in several cultural activities and learnt about what they mean on an elementary level as we focused on unity and community.

The Juniors also went on their first Naturescape Excursion to hunt for natural objects and throughout all our activities we aimed to elaborate on colour recognition and early mathematical concepts utilising shapes and sizes. In August we will be extending our learning about and taking care of our environment which will be followed by an introduction to natural sciences, where the children will be encouraged to make discoveries using scientific equipment and also engage with interesting experiments for National Science Week.

August will conclude with National Book Week and Book Character Dress up day -please refer to an updated Calendar of Events emailed out recently. We also had lots of fun celebrating events such as our Teddy Bear Picnic, dressing up for Pyjama and Crazy Hair Days and also enjoying a lovely morning of outdoor play on Aunts and Uncles Morning Tea.

We hope our families enjoyed all the photos of your little ones! This month we welcome Cooper to the Juniors room and congratulate Aiden, Eli and Benji on graduating to Early Years - hope you all have a great time playing and learning and getting to know your friends in your new rooms! As always if you have questions regarding your child's routine, development or any other queries, please feel free to have a chat with us or send a message to the centre.

Thank you, Ms Chrystle, Miss Tata and Miss Katelyn.

Message from the Early Years Room

Gurumbah Bigi (Good Day) Families of the Early Years Room,

Hello Family and Friends, what exciting things we've done in the last few months of Winter. June we had fun exploring our 5 senses, learning through messy play and trying new flavours. This encourages the children to use their 5 senses of taste, touch, smell, see and hear. For July we then focused on shapes seeing the children associated shapes with everyday things they see inside and outside the centre and this month in August we will be learning and extending our knowledge of our numeracy.

We are excited and looking forward to observing and helping the children to build and challenging their current knowledge and understand of numeracy If you have any ideas, activities based experiences on numeracy please feel free to speak with Myself, Miss Maddi J and Miss Jaz Ms Taneeka, Ms Maddi and Ms Jazarna.

Message from the Senior Early Years Room

Welcome Families of the Senior Early Years Room, Over the last three months we have explored recognising the Alphabets and the first letter of their names as this plays a big part in the children's early years. We're finding exploring and learning about weights, scales and measurements is important as we wish to ensure your child is confident in communicating with us and yourselves at home about different objects.

The children have participated in many center events such as Naidoc week, Teddy Bear Picnic, Aunt's Uncle's Morning Tea and Crazy Hair Day we also celebrated best friends day where the children participated in a drawing activities, they drew beautiful cards for their friends. During the term we have experienced mathematical skills experiments to support children's numeracy skills and questioning of the world around them. In August we began to practice pre writing and also focus on self help skills to support children on their next level. We have also been looking at children's developmental milestones to ensure they are meeting age appropriate requirements.

Thank you, Miss Sandy and Miss Raquel.

Message from Before, After School Care and Vacation Care

Welcome Families the Before and After School Care and Vacation Care Room,

Over the last three months we have explored the topics of National reconciliation Week, NAIDOC Week, Eid Al-Adha, Red Nose Day., science week and book week. We have welcomed Skylar, Alexa and Alisia toi the school care group. We had a wonderful school holidays in July where we held excursions to the local park, bowling and laser tag, Queen's Park and the movies. reminder to families term 3 holidays start on monday the 19th of September. I'd like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new School Care educator.

I loved working with them during the school holidays and discovered my love for this age group. I have gotten to know the children and we have participated in many center events including Harmony Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, Holi Celebrations, St Patrick's Day and Mother's Day. I'm happy to support the children with their homework while at the center and am excited to continue working with them over the coming months. Our next plan with the children will be preparing our next school holidays adventure together.

Thank you, Miss Maddy T.C.

Message from the Pre Prep / Kindergarten Room

Welcome Families of our Prep/Kindergarten Room,

To begin with, I would like to introduce myself as Miss Shazna, the new Pre-Prep Teacher. It's a pleasure to be in Pre-Prep and work with amazing children and families. With extended arms and pleasure we welcome Jazzy back to our Pre-Prep family. The children have done a fabulous job in making new friendships and relationships with the educators in the room. It's been a busy term in Pre-Prep as we continue to prepare children for the beginning of their formal schooling journey.

We have focused heavily on self-help skills with children applying their own sunscreen, putting on their own shoes and hat, packing away toys after play time, as all these are fundamental skills to support your child on their next schooling adventure. We have also been recapping letters, numbers, shape and colour recognition, name writing and recognition for children who will be attending school next year. During the month of July, the children engaged in a range of events such as NAIDOC Week, where children learnt about the Aboriginal people and their background, their language and flag together with fun activities.

Teddy bears picnic day was another great opportunity for children to develop communication and language skills, creating imaginative play ideas. National Pajama's day was all about wearing your favourite pair of Pyjamas to help the Pyjamas Foundation to raise much needed awareness for children in foster care. Last but not least, Crazy Hair Day was another center event, where children and educators wore crazy hair to school followed by fun craft activities. At the beginning of August, the children also began to learn the dates, months, year we are in and the day.

We talk about the number of days in a week and number of months in a year which we incorporate with weather chart discussion. We began with show and share which is a fantastic way to build confidence and verbal communication skills for your child. We will upload show and share roster in hubs soon. We have also been participating in pre-writing activities, scissor hold and manipulation, cutting activities, tracing all sorts of lines, and working on pencil grip. We have planned to explore science topics and experiments, 3D shapes, and healthy food this month. In August, we also celebrated Hendrix and Hazel's birthday and we thank the parents for providing cakes to enjoy with the rest of the Pre-Prep Family.

A friendly reminder that as we are still experiencing cold weather, please continue to keep your child warm and always pack spare clothes in their bag. Please ensure that your child's clothes are being clearly labeled to avoid items getting misplaced. A big thank you to all of our families and community for your ongoing support. It was wonderful to have such a positive relationship with you all in order to appropriately support your child in their developmental journey.

Thank you, Miss Shazna and Miss Anum.

Kidi Kingdom Child Care wishes to thank the following local business for their continued support.
Please email if you would like your business featured in our Newsletter.
Educator of the Month

Miss Sarah has been voted by our families and educators for the month of May for her dedication into the early education industry.

Miss Taneeka has been voted by our families and educators for the month of June for her support towards the children, being a true team player and always finding ways to excel.

Miss Maddy J has been voted by our families and community for providing respectful relationships with the families and children of the centre.

***Cooking with Children!

Banana Sushi


● Bananas ● Almond butter ● Whipped cream cheese
● Crushed cereal ● Rice crispy cereal ● Chia seeds
● Shredded coconut ● Chopped chocolate ● Cinnamon sugar


Cut the bananas into 1 1/2-2 inch pieces, roll in almond butter OR whipped cream cheese and roll in any desired coating. Feel free to use other ingredients you have on hand as well!

Children's Birthday Celebrations
Hazel Hendrix Bella
Louie Alannah Brianna
Benji Isaac Christine
Tyler Savannah Chelsea
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