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Wednesday 3rd - (All Day)
Crazy Hair Day.
Wednesday 17th - (All Day)
St Patrick's Day Celebrations - Dress up in Green.
Friday 19th -(All Day)
Harmony Day.
Thursday 1st - (10.00am - 11.00am)
Easter Bonnet Parade.
Friday 23rd - (All Day)
Anzac Day Celebrations.
Wednesday 28th - (All Day)
Superhero Day.
Friday 7th - (10am-11am)
Mother's Day Morning Tea - Celebrate a day for your Mum.
Wednesday 19th - (10am - 11am)
Aunt's and Uncle's Morning Tea.


Did you know that the temperature inside a parked car on a Summer's day can reach up to 30 degrees HOTTER than the outside temperature! A child left in a parked car for more than only 5 minutes can cause life-threatening circumstances as their body temperature rises 3 - 5 times faster than an adult! Parents, we can't stress enough to please always remember to #LookBeforeYouLock as it may save a life!

Attention Kidi Kingdom Families, you will notice some new signage on our Kidi Kingdom Courtesy Bus ! This is part of the #LookBeforeYouLock campaign introduced by the Queensland Government Early Childhood Education and Care.

Here at Kidi Kingdom Child Care the Children are our absolute number 1 priority as we are serious about children's safety and well being.

We have updated our Centre Policies and Procedures relating to our Courtesy Bus Transport Service to reflect new changes that have now been implemented to ensure the safety of the Children when utilising the Courtesy Bus for to and from Home or the Centre Drop off and Pick up service.

We would love for our families and the community to please take a few minutes to read the important information below:

IMPORTANT Tips for Families:

Create a 'Look Before You Lock' routine.

Building simple steps into your daily routine can help lower the risk of unintentionally leaving a child in a vehicle:

  • Place an item you will need at your destination in the back seat of the car, such as your bag or wallet.

  • Attach a mirror for rear facing car seats so you can easily see your child.

  • Create a mental checklist to run through every time you leave the car, such as 'baby, keys, bag'.

  • Get in the habit of checking your backseat every time you get out of the car. Check even if you know your child is not with you. This will help make looking before you lock part of your normal routine.

  • Look before you lock. Every time. Without fail.

  • Discuss your 'Look Before You Lock' routine with every person who drives your child anywhere. This includes partners, grandparents, babysitters, and friends.

  • Be extra alert if your routine changes. The risk of unintentionally leaving a child increases with a change in routine.

Importantly, if you accidentally lock your child in a car or you come across a child left unattended in a vehicle, remember to do the following:

  1. Keep calm.

  2. Think clearly and act quickly.

  3. Call your roadside assistance provider if you have one.

  4. Call 000 immediately if you have any concerns about the child's health.

Letter from the Centre Manager

Welcome to our valued centre families and children.

What a wonderful start to the New Year it has been already! We have welcomed back families who have been with us for many years and had the opportunity to meet many new families who have joined our Kidi Kingdom Child Care Coomera Family. The children are settling into their learning environments well and are already building meaningful relationships with their educators and peers. We acknowledge that each family and child is unique which is why we provide specific strategies as well as close collaboration to help with all new transitions and settling into the Kidi Kingdom environment. If there is anything we can do to support your family and child please do not hesitate to talk to our Lead Educators or myself during your visit's to the centre. We really do appreciate all our families for the ongoing support and continuing to trust us at Kidi Kingdom Childcare Coomera to care for your little ones!

I would also like to say how proud we are of our Pre-Prep children who have graduated and have transitioned to Primary School. I wish them all the best of luck and a bright future! Due to current COVID-19 circumstances and social distancing regulations last year we decided to celebrate Graduation a little differently to keep all our families and children safe. We hope all our families joined in on our Live Facebook event to watch as the Pre-Prep Children receive their graduation certificates and show off their unique skills and dance in a performance. If you missed this, please click on the below video link to watch!

Our centre vacancies are now limited, please see myself to secure any additional days you seek, also don't forget to refer any friends and family that would benefit from enrolling into our family fun centre. Did you know we also offer casual days? If you would like more information, please let me know. Please like our Facebook page and we always appreciate our loyal families helping our centre by share your positive experiences to the local community by writing a quick Google, CareForKids or Facebook review. Thank you for the families that have already taken to the time to write a review.

Click to watch Kidi Kingdom Coomera Pre-Prepís Graduation Party

Kind Regards,
Sarah Piccolini
Centre Manager

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Around the Classroom

Early Learners

Dear Families of the Early Learners Room,

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year! We have been very busy in the Early Learner's Room. A big warm welcome to the new children who have started with us recently.

Our Little Early Learners have been celebrating lots of special occasions. We participated in Waitangi Day, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. There are still more celebrations to come! We have ensured the strictest hygiene and hand washing measures have been put in place and the children have been really interested in washing their hands and sanitsising. With COVID still present in our lives we are keeping the children aware of their surroundings and continuously still washing hands and introducing basic hygiene practices to prevent the spread of germs. The children are now able to wash their hands and dry them on their own without assistance except the little babies who still need some help.

We have introduced more literature and are encouraging more reading as the children really love sitting and reading books with their friends and educators. Reading and sharing stories can help your child get to know sounds, words and language and develop early literacy skills. They are learning to value books and stories which supports development of their intellect ability to focus, concentration, social skills and communication skills. This is also an excellent way to build brain power and language development.

Thank you, Miss Puneet and Miss Natalie.


Junior Early Years

Wow what a year! No one saw 2020 coming the way it did. We thank our families for their hard work and dedication throughout COVID and the challenging year we had. We are confident 2021 will bring good health and some normality back into everybody's lives.

At the end of last year, the Junior Early Years were learning and developing a variety of skills based on the children's interests and milestones, the learning highlights last term were focused on developing the children's colour and shape recognition, fostering independence through a range of self-help skills, increasing language and communication skills through meaningful conversations and incorporating the Abecedarian approach into their daily interactions.

The children have settled in amazingly into the Junior Early Years Room routine so far. To welcome the New Year we have been focusing on building strong positive relationships amongst children and educators while creating a warm and welcoming classroom environment for the children based on the world around them and their current interests.

A popular topic amongst the children has been all about the beach! In our home corner area, we have been creating our own beach getaway for the children to explore, with beach themed activities, crafts and experiences.

2021 has been full of events so far and the children have enjoyed participating in a range of activities for Australia day, Waitangi Day, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. Our Classroom is so full of colour and creativity from all the artworks and images of the children celebrating these wonderful events!

Thank you, Miss Stephanette and Miss Holly.


Early Years

Dear Parents and Carers, we would like to welcome everyone to the Early Years Room for 2021, It has been such a wonderful start to the year!

The first few weeks consisted of settling into the classroom, building routines and working together to create a sense of belonging. The children have enjoyed exploring the classroom, engaging in new and exciting activities and being creative. It has been wonderful to observe the children working together, new friendships being formed, and even old friends reunited.

January and February have been full of celebrations from around the world, these events are an important part of a child's education and growth, bringing people together, creating a feeling of belonging and developing a sense of community. Having these celebrations in the classroom have provided opportunities for all of us to understand and develop respect for community, cultures and backgrounds.

We celebrated Chinese New Year through traditional Dragon dancing and making Chinese fans to display in the classroom. It was so much fun celebrating Waitangi Day taking time to listen and dance to Maori music, counting in Maori and learning how to say hello.

Last term we focused on and devloped self-help skills. Children have been packing their own sheets away after rest time, putting their own shoes on, applying sunscreen, using correct hand washing procedures and confidently communicating their needs. We have noticed that they are becoming confident in these tasks while promoting a sense of independence.

We look forward to learning together this year, we love and encourage all family input so please come and chat to us anytime.

Below is a link to some great sensory ideas you can create at home!

Thank you, Miss Rebecca and Miss Rachael.



Welcome families to the start of bright and happy 2021! During our first few weeks in the Prep-Prep Room the children were busy working on identifying their written name on our Smart Board and recognising their Surname during morning roll call. The children have also been working on their pencil gripping skills in preparation for a variety of writing and literacy experiences, eventually to acquire school readiness skills.

Some of the planned experiences for the next few weeks include group circle games to extend on social and self-confidence skills. Cutting experiences with scissors and magazines, playdough, arts, and crafts to encourage the children's creativity and imagination skills, as well as extending on their fine motor skills.

During this month we will be learning about all the different types of transports, as we have observed it to be a strong interest amongst the majority of the children at the moment. We will be exploring and creating some fun projects around transportation in the coming weeks!

We all miss our Pre-Prep's who we have proudly watch graduate, we are very thankful to have been able to teach, guide and watch as you all grew and reached new milestones. We hope you all enjoyed watching along our graduation celebration, we all had so much fun!

Thank you, good luck, and best wishes! Miss Antonietta, Early Childhood Teacher.


Before and After School Care/ Vacation Care

Dear Families of our School Care Room. What an exciting start to the School Year it has been! We have been collaborating on our Before School Care and After School Care program to make the transition between School to Child Care an easy and welcoming transition for our school aged children. Our current focus has been building strong and meaningful relationships between the children and our educators.

Last term our School Care Children introduced a change in their routine where the children have been making their own afternoon teas with the supervision of an educator. This helps them gain skills in being more independent and gives them a sense of responsibility.

Our educators have worked with the children over the Vacation Care period through bond strengthening activities and experiences. The children have been actively involved in the planning of the Before and After School Program. It is already evident that our curriculum reflects the children's current interests and a sense of being, belonging and becoming as their voices and input are heard and applied to all experiences.

If any families have any input or ideas for what they would like to see in the Before and After School program to help us further assist with the children's school homework during care please feel free to speak to us!

Thank you, Miss Rebecca.


Kidi Kingdom Child Care wishes to thank the following local business for their continued support.



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Team Member of the Month

Team member of the month for November has been awarded to Miss Natalie for always ensuring our infants in the Early Learners Room are given high quality care and always putting in the effort to ensure their families are happy and comfortable.

Team Member of the Month for November is Miss Natalie!

Team member of the month for December has been awarded to Miss Astrid for being a great team player, always following Kidi Kingdom expectations and coming into work every day with a smile and cheerful attitude.

Team Member of the Month for December is Miss Astrid!

Team member of the month for January has been awarded to Miss Monique for her positive and friendly attitude. Commitment and dedication to her job role and the high-quality care and attention she provide to all the children at our service.

Team Member of the Month for January is Miss Monique!

Recipes with Kids!

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Banana and Carrot Muffins

Follow the recipe here to make your own tasty

Vegie Falafels

Children's Birthday Celebrations
Lina Phoenix Valentine
Eden Liam Kai
We hope you enjoy your Birthday Card and Gift !

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