Newsletter Summer-Autumn 2024 Edition
Kidi Kingdom Child Care - Pimpama
March 2024
Thursday 21st - (All Day) - Harmony Day Celebrations
Monday 25th (All Day) - Holi Day Festival of Colours Celebrations
Thursday 28th - (10.00am - 11.00am) - Easter Bonnet Parade
April 2024
Wednesday 24th - (All Day) - Anzac Day Celebrations
Friday 26th - (All Day) - National Superhero Day
May 2024
Friday 10th - (10.00-11.00) - Mother's Day Morning Tea
Monday 13th - Friday 17th (All Week) - National Families Week
Monday 27th - (All Week) - National Reconciliation Week

If your child is turning 4, they may need to have a health check. If they don't, your Family Tax Benefit (FTB) Part A rate may reduce.

What a Health Check Is

A health check is an assessment of your child's physical health. It includes their height, weight, hearing, sight and general wellbeing. It ensures your child is healthy, fit and ready to learn when they start school. Your child can have a health check from when they turn 3. A General Practitioner (GP) or community health clinic can do a health check. Some other providers can do a health check, depending on the situation. Requirements are different in each state and territory.

QLD: A health check on a child who's 3 to 3 and a half, or 4 to 5. You can find details in the Personal Health Record, sometimes called the Red Book. A general health check on your child after they turn 3, provided by your local GP or community health clinic.

What you need to do

  • Arrange a health check for your child

  • This is an age appropriate health check as outlined in the Health check table.

  • To arrange a health check, talk to your GP, health professional or staff at your community health clinic.

  • Tell us your child has had a health check

  • You'll need to do this before your child's fifth birthday.

  • You can do this with the Healthy Start for School review using your Centrelink online account through myGov. We'll send a notification to your online account that you need to complete an update.

  • If you can't complete the Healthy Start for School review for your child online, call us on the Families line as soon as possible.

  • When you call us, you may be offered to update the health check information through our Smart IVR (Interactive Voice Response). If you can't use the Smart IVR, wait to speak to a service officer and let them know your child has had a health check.

  • We'll only record the date your child had the health check. We don't record the details of the check.

Message from the Centre Manager

Dear Valued Centre Families.


My name is Zlatka Veljanoski ( Zee ) and I am the new Centre Manager at Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama.


As soon as I began my journey with Kidi Kingdom Child Care last year, I instantly felt a connection and joy to be employed by the centre.


My moral nature is simple, I love children and I want to care for them in an environment that feels as close to home as possible. Kidi Kingdom Child Care offers childcare that is home away from home.


We learn through play and we love and care for children like they are our own. I am a mum myself, my daughters are Izabella 7 and Bianka 5. Both of them are cared for and educated here, at Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama.


I strive to offer a very loving and fun child care experience. I am dedicated to working hard on Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama to be the best early education and care provider on the Gold Coast . My aim is to develop close partnerships with parents and members of the local community.


Also, I am delighted to announce and warmly welcome our new Administrative Assistant, Korin Brett, to the Kidi Kingdom family! Korin brings a wealth of experience and a positive can-do attitude that will undoubtedly contribute to the success and efficiency of our team. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to Korin. We look forward to working together and achieving great success as a team. Should you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to Korin or myself.


Last but not least, I would love to say that the safety of your children is at the top of my list and I'll be reviewing all the risk assessments and health and safety procedures. I am sure that the centre is a very safe place already and I will make sure we keep it that way.


Please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail ( or on our centre contact number (07 5619 8111). I am confident I will meet all families as I am managing the centre on a day to day basis and welcome your feedback.


Kind Regards,

Mrs Zee Veljanoski

Centre Manager

Kind Regards,

Mrs Korin Brett

Administrative Assistant

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Message from the Educational Leader

Dear Valued Centre Families.


My name is Miss Kajalpreet Kaur and I am your Educational Leader for Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama.


The educational leader has an influential role in promoting positive outcomes for children and families. Effective educational leadership builds the capacity of educators by inspiring, motivating, affirming, challenging and extending their practice and pedagogy. This joint endeavor involves inquiry and reflection, and supports ongoing learning and professional development I will be mentoring and supporting educator's understanding of educational program and practice, e.g. building relationships and interactions with children to assist their learning through play and leisure-based programs; developing documentation that is meaningful, relevant and promotes reflection on educator's pedagogy and practice.


Drawing on educator's strengths to develop professional skills and confidence. Mentoring and supporting educators to assess learning. Ensuring the assessment and planning cycle is applied to each child and the program. Assisting educators to understand and implement reflective practice and leading critical reflection discussions to examine policies, programs and practice.


Kind Regards, Miss Kajalpreet Kaur - Educational Leader

Message from the Early Learners Room

Dear Families of the Early Learners Room.

My name is Miss Melinda and I'm excited for this opportunity to be your child's Lead Educator in the Early Learners Room for 2024. I'm thrilled to also announce Miss Sinead will be working alongside me as Co Educator. Together we look forward to embarking on this journey with our families! We have had a settled start to the year with the children having built trusting relationships with their educators and familiarity and friendships with their peers.

Our little learners have been busy engaging in multicultural activities as we joined together in celebration for New Year's Day, Australia Day, Waitangi Day, Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day. We invite our families to take a moment and admire the beautiful creative art pieces on display in our room that your little learners have created!

The children express wonder and enthusiasm in their learning as they engage in a variety of rich and meaningful learning experiences. We have enjoyed engaging in creative arts experiences, exploring with music and musical instruments as well participating in small group games.

We are looking forward to the year ahead!

Kind Regards, Ms Melinda and Ms Sinead - Early Room Educators.

Message from the Junior Early Learners Room

Dear Families of the Junior Early Learners Room.

A warm welcome to the New Year 2024! We are thrilled to be the educators for your children and embark on this exciting journey of growth and learning together. Allow us to introduce ourselves - I am Miss Sandy, the Room Leader for your toddlers, and alongside me is Miss Manpreet. It has been a joy getting to know your children as they transition into the Junior Early Learners.

Every morning, our little explorers venture into the outdoor playground, immersing themselves in the wonders of nature. This outdoor experience not only offers various opportunities for discovery but also helps strengthen their fine and gross motor skills, contributing to the development of social skills.

During our time together, we've focused on instilling the importance of three magic words - Thank you, Please and Sorry, along with promoting happy manners. We have introduced colors through engaging methods like flashcards and coloured objects. Colour recognition plays a pivotal role in cognitive development and aids language skills. Additionally, we have enjoyed celebrating Australia Day, Waitangi Day and Chinese New Year, fostering an understanding of different cultures and promoting diversity.

Looking ahead, our curriculum will spotlight Colours, Fruits, Vegetables, Animals, My First Calendar, Days of the Week, Shapes, Alphabets (Jolly Phonics) and counting. We will also dive into our favorite storybooks. Listening and singing rhymes form the foundation of spoken language and enhancing communication skills through rhythm.

We value parent involvement and believe that children develop at different rates in physical, social, emotional and cognitive aspects. Your active participation is crucial and we hope you and your child will relish the time spent with us as we explore new ideas, engage in science experiments and learn valuable life skills.

Thank you for entrusting us with your children's early education.

Kind Regards, Miss Sandy and Miss Manpreet - Junior Early Learners Educators.

Message from the Junior Early Years Room

Dear Families of the Junior Early Years Room.

We are thrilled to welcome all our new families to the Junior Early Years Room. The past month has been filled with exciting discoveries, challenges embraced, achievements celebrated and a strong sense of belonging, confidence, independence, creativity and enthusiasm demonstrated by the children as they embarked on their journey in the new classroom.

The children eagerly participated in transforming our classroom into a vibrant and welcoming space. They decorated it with their beautiful art and craft creations, cherished family photos, and special moments, all while learning, forging friendships, and unleashing their imagination.

Together, we joyously celebrated Australia Day, Waitangi Day and Chinese New Year, fostering the children's awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures through engaging activities such as arts and crafts, sensory explorations and dance and music.

The children and educators alike have been relishing the warm, sunny days outdoors, engaging in refreshing water play, collaborating to build intricate sandcastles in the sandpit and conquering our exciting obstacle course.

We are deeply grateful for all your support in making our classroom a vibrant hub of learning and creativity. Thank you!

Kind Regards, Ms Rebecca and Ms Kylie - Junior Early Years Educators.

Message from the Early Years Room

Dear Families of the Early Years Room.

We are thrilled to welcome you all to Kidi Kingdom Child Care Pimpama! It's been a wonderful start to the year together and we are so proud of how well the children have adapted to our daily routines and transitions. Our educators have put a lot of thought into planning engaging activities tailored to your children's interests and developmental needs.

Over the past month, we have explored exciting themes like colours and wild animals. These activities not only provided fun learning experiences but also taught the children about sustainability and the importance of protecting native animals and the environment. By teaching them about wildlife conservation, we hope to instill a sense of responsibility towards our beautiful country and its unique wildlife.

In the coming weeks, your children will continue to learn and grow through engaging experiences that support their individual personalities. We are amazed by their enthusiasm and commitment to learning, and we cannot wait to share their progress and milestones with you.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We value your input and are committed to creating a nurturing environment where your child can thrive.

Looking ahead to next month, our theme will be "Farm Animals." The children will have the opportunity to interact with farm animals, which will help them develop social skills, cooperation, and sharing. We are fortunate to have many animal lovers among us, so we are sure it will be an exciting and enjoyable month for everyone. Additionally, we'll be exploring the theme of "Feelings," helping children understand and express their emotions, which is crucial for developing problem solving skills.

Just a reminder, please ensure your child brings a hat every day to follow our sun safety guidelines. Also, remember that we are a nut-free centre, so please check your children's bags to ensure no food items containing nuts are brought in.

Thank you for entrusting us with your child's care and education. We look forward to a fantastic month ahead!

Kind Regards, Miss Kajalpreet - Early Years Lead Educator.

Message from the Senior Early Years Room

Dear Families of the Senior Early Years Room.

What a vibrant start to the year we have had in our new classroom! Together, we have created a stunning rainbow that not only adds colour to our space but also fosters a sense of belonging for each one of us. It is a true masterpiece, we value our families feedback on our creativity.

The blossoming friendships and the smooth adaptation of the children to our new routines have been truly heartwarming to witness. Our recent baking adventures, including making Anzac biscuits and fairy bread, brought so much joy and delicious fun. I couldn't help but be delighted by the children's excitement during these baking sessions.

Our sensory play, particularly the gloop-making adventure, turned out to be a gooey delight that had all of us giggling. The children's creativity has been shining brightly, whether it is through dressing up or playing with playdough. It has been wonderful to see the children using playdough for letter recognition. This is such a clever and engaging way to learn!

The dress up stories have taken us on incredible journeys around the world, allowing us to celebrate our unique cultures and diversity. As we wrap up January, I'm eagerly looking forward to what February has in store for us. Let's keep exploring, learning, and growing together. Here's to more fun and adventures ahead!

Kind Regards, Ms Kristell and Miss Jenna - Senior Early Years Educators.

Message from the Kindergarten Room

Dear Families of the Kindergarten Room.

Welcome to our spacious and vibrant Kindergarten room with Miss Assra for 2024!

Our first week in Kindergarten has been incredibly successful! The children have adjusted wonderfully to our daily routine and we have focused on reviewing classroom and centre rules while emphasizing the importance of using an indoor voice levels.

Our fantastic Kindergarten program is in full swing, featuring engaging and socially enriching learning activities. We've integrated cultural celebrations like Waitangi Day and Lunar New Year into our curriculum. The children have enjoyed creating their own flags, Chinese lanterns, Waitangi Day cards and more during fun art and craft experiences. These activities aim to expand their understanding of the world and contribute to the QKLG outcome 2 - Connectedness.

Children are developing a sense of connectedness to their world. This connectedness helps them relate to the values, traditions and practices of their families, kindergartens, communities and the wider world. It supports them to learn about the interconnectedness of people and environments. Over time, this learning transforms the ways they interact with others and how they think about the world as 'global citizens'.

Connectedness involves children's understanding of and consideration for the rights of others and their respect for diversity. Children are developing an understanding of Aboriginal peoples' and Torres Strait Islander peoples' ways of knowing and being and their connection to Country and the importance of the connection between Country and the environment.

Additionally, we have started developing the children's writing skills, recognizing writing as a wonderful form of self-expression that encourages connections between storytelling, illustrations, and the written word.

Our current learning theme is "SHAPES," which fosters the development of early literacy and math skills. Understanding shapes in our environment correlates with letters and numbers in our alphabet and number system, aligning with QKLG Outcome 5 - Communication. The foundation for children becoming effective citizens is their development of language, literacy and numeracy. Being able to communicate is fundamental to children's everyday lives, including their ability to express their ideas and feelings, to question, to learn, to connect and interact with others. Children feel a strong sense of identity and connectedness when their ways of communicating are valued in the Kindergarten environment.

Exploring and engaging with literacy through reading, viewing, listening, writing, speaking and creating in personally meaningful ways supports a Kindergarten child to become an effective communicator. Numeracy is the capacity, confidence and disposition to use mathematics in everyday situations.

Looking ahead, our themes for the coming weeks are "All about me" and "My feelings." We'll explore and celebrate each child's uniqueness and discuss emotions. In phonics, we'll focus on identifying the letter A, engaging in various fun activities to learn its shape and sound.

Stay tuned for our upcoming Star Student of the Week and our first sight word: A.

We value your feedback and are committed to implementing any suggestions, as we aim for your child to thrive and achieve developmental milestones while in our care at Kidi Kidi Kingdom Childcare Pimpama.

Kind Regards, Miss Assra - Kindergarten Teacher.

Message from School Care

Dear Families of the School Care Room.

We had an amazing time during the December and January school care period, filled with memorable moments we would love to share with you. From constructing our own waterslide to thrilling park excursions, baking cupcakes for Miss Destiny's birthday and immersing ourselves in the dramatic play of "Schoolies-bucks" cafe, we had a blast. Spending this vacation care period with all of you was truly special and we eagerly anticipate the rest of the year together.

As we begin the first term of Before and After School Care, our main focus has been on fostering connections among peers and educators. It's been heartwarming to see friendships blossoming over the last two weeks. Our "Get to know each other Jenga" activity has been a huge hit. The children enjoy asking questions and completing the actions on the Jenga blocks. One of our favorite activities so far has been the "friendship hand-print" painting. The air was filled with laughter as we put our hands together, mixing colours, and the children are already asking when we can do it again!

Miss Destiny and Miss Melanie are excited about the upcoming weeks and the adventures and growth they will bring. Thank you for being part of our school care family. Let's make this year full of learning, laughter, and beautiful memories together!

Kind Regards, Miss Destiny and Ms Melanie - School Care Educators.

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Educator of the Month

Educator of the Month for December is Miss Kylie.

Thank you for being kind, caring, friendly, and patient with children. We cannot thank you enough for always encouraging them to feel happy and comfortable with their peers.

Educator of the Month for January is Miss Manpreet.

We appreciate you for being the most fun-loving educator any child could have. We really appreciate everything children have learned from you.

Educator of the Month for February is Ms Zlatka.

Thank you for your commitment, continued effort, promoting positive culture and hard work. We appreciate you.


Cooking with Children!

Easy Pizza Scrolls.

How to Make this Recipe

● Super easy     ● 10:00 Prep     ● 20:00 Cook


● Easy Pizza Scrolls

● 1 cup self-raising flour

● 3/4 cup Greek style yoghurt

● 100g ham, shredded

● 1/2 cup cheese, grated

● 1/4 cup bolognese pasta sauce


1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Line a baking tray with paper.

2. Combine self-raising flour with yoghurt in a bowl. Mix to form a smooth ball. Knead for 5 minutes.

3. Roll out dough on a lightly floured surface to a 30cmx25cm rectangle. Spread pasta sauce over dough and top with ham and grated cheese.

4. Roll up from the long side and cut into 3cm thick slices. Place cut-side up onto tray. Bake for 20 minutes until golden.

Children's Birthday Celebrations
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  • Izabella

  • Zali

  • Liam

  • Ziggy

  • Josiah

  • Angad

  • Harry

  • Archie

  • Charlie

  • Kade

  • Xavier

  • Greyson

  • Tameika-Lee

  • Riley

  • Lulu

  • Bailey

  • Kendrix

  • Tanada

  • Halen

  • Louis

  • JJ

  • Grayson

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