Working with Children and Police Checks

Recently some changes have occurred in the back office by introducing an additional safety check to further ensure we are delivering on our mission and serving as a role model of child care excellence.

We are very serious on safety, well being, education and level of care for the children, further we also pride ourselves on ensuring our Team Members, Teachers & Educators are the best choice for our centre to providing high quality care and education to our children and families.

What's New you may ask? We now conduct a full police check for all Team Members that join Kidi Kingdom, this is in addition to holding a valid BlueCard before being able to care for children.

"Kidi Kingdom Child Care is a team of committed, positive, successful people who are always endeavouring to be balanced, integrated and honest."

What's the difference you may ask? The Working with Children Check (commonly known as BlueCard) and the National Police Check are two different types of checks conducted on a person. The Working with Children Check (BlueCard) is an ongoing assessment of a person's eligibility to work or volunteer with children and involves a check of a person's national criminal history and other disciplinary and police information. This working with children check (BlueCard) once issued will be valid and lasts 3 years from date of issue.

We here at Kidi Kingdom would like to ensure that any new employees (Team Members) who must hold a current Working with Children (BlueCard), are also reviewed by conducting a Police Check at the time of joining Kidi Kingdom to ensure no police related matters have occurred from when the Blue Card was issued till current. By requesting a full Police Check that is up to date & current on the day of issue, it lists any offences from a person's criminal history which can be disclosed. We wanted to share this information for you to be aware that we are very serious on who we allow to care and educate your children, and this Police Check is only 1 of many checks we do before and for determining a prospective new Team Member to join Kidi Kingdom.

What is a National Police Check? Itís a summary of any personís police history information in Australia. Checks can be conducted on Australian citizens or anyone residing in Australia. It is a government service provided to either an individual or organisation for employment, voluntary work and occupation-related licensing or registration purposes.

Why do employers require them? Many employers find a police check beneficial to reduce the risk of theft, fraud or other criminal activity performed by a potential new employee. However, in industries where employees are working with children, the elderly or other vulnerable communities, police checks are vital for an organisation to be aware and make decisions to rule out employing people who are past offenders. The most common purpose is for pre-employment screening so that employers can more objectively assess the risk posed by individuals and ensure safe environments for what are considered "vulnerable" or "special needs" populations (such as children, the aged and those with disabilities).

Keeping Our Children and Families Safe!

We trust this new procedure we have adopted, will provide greater security for our Parents and Clients while we care for their children. We are always looking for ways to improve our services, putting the Children and Families first at Kidi Kingdom Child Care!

The happiest Kingdom for Kids on the planet!

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