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Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centres pride ourselves in supporting the health and well being of our children to ensure they have the best start to life. We are pleased to announce that Eyecoast Optometry will be visiting our centres to perform vision screening eye tests for our Pre Prep Children. The aim is to detect any problems early so that treatment can be given if needed.

  • Coomera Centre: 9:00am Wednesday 25th August 2021
  • Springfield Centre: 9:00am Thursday 26th August 2021
  • Hillcrest Centre: 9:00am Friday 27th August 2021

Children rarely complain of vision problems, they may just not realise they canít see properly.

If your child has a vision problem, the earlier the problem is detected, the better the outcome.

In a child-friendly environment, your child will have a full eye exam to make sure his or her vision is as good as it needs to be to start school and start learning.

With child-friendly equipment, the whole experience will be a fun one!

Some children may see well with one eye, but have poor vision in the other. For those who struggle to see clearly, having an early eye exam sets up better vision for life.

Learning and sporting skills develop normally when both eyes are working well together.

A written report will be made available to pass onto school if vision assessment is part of the enrolment recommendations.

The eye examination checks vision levels, binocular vision, colour vision, eye mobility, eye health, refraction and recommendations if glasses are required for optimum vision development.

All eye examinations are Bulk Billed to Medicare once a consent form has been completed.

The permission forms and medicare consent forms are now available for families to secure your child's eye testing. These can be obtained from your Centre Manager if you have not yet received your copy via email.

Please ensure you return your forms by no later than Friday 20th August 2021.

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