Disposable Shoe Cover Policy

Early Learners (Nursery)


At Kidi Kingdom Child Care we pride ourselves in educating our children in safe and clean world class centre's. We have recently introduced a disposable shoe cover policy to ensure the health and hygiene of our infants is of the highest priority.

Why wear disposable shoe covers?

They Keep Rooms Clean and Sterile

Disposable shoe covers help you protect the room from the bacteria and dust on your shoes. In cases such as these, shoe covers can mean the difference between success and failure for a clean and sterile environment. Our disposable shoe cover policy allows you to mitigate concern with visitors and new employees by maintaining cleanliness and sterility.


They Prevent Cross-Contamination

Wherever educators walk, they take something from where they were to wherever they are going. For most this isnít a problem, but for those dealing with infants some materials create cross-contamination and can cause huge complications for illnesses and germs being spread.

If proper procedures are not applied, that could mean the movement of germs and bacteria throughout the play space. However, disposable shoe covers keep both contamination from shoes, and contaminated shoes from spreading the disease.


Policy Statement

Infants crawl around on the floor. With childrenís immune systems being lower at this age, it is easier to contract illnesses. It is not uncommon for a child to come home with different symptoms every few months. Our centre has the highest quality of hygiene regimens in place, although it can be difficult to keep the floors clean and free from germs, the introduction of disposable shoes will ensure the highest level of hygiene practices are implemented and maintained.

Employees and parents walk around in their shoes all day, whether at their place of employment or out running errands. When it comes time to drop off and pick up their child from the centre, who knows what is on the bottoms of their shoes? The centre disposable shoe policy will ensure the floors are contaminant free where children crawl and play. Contaminants can still be tracked in on the bottoms of socks and bare feet. This is why it makes sense to use disposable shoe covers to keep these environments clean.


Policy Guidelines

  • Disposable Shoe Covers are available at the entry and exit points of the Early Learners (Nursery) Room

  • Visitors, students, employees, parents and the community are not permitted to enter the Early Learners (Nursery) Room without wearing disposable shoe covers

  • Upon exiting the room, and reentry, disposable shoe covers will require replacement eg; shoe covers are for one entry use only and these will be stored out of reach of children

  • Disposable shoe covers will be discarded after one use

  • Upon enrolment orientation all families will be notified and provided with the disposable shoe cover policy

  • Upon employment orientation all team members will be notified and provided with the disposable shoe cover policy

  • The responsible team will ensure the disposable shoe cover policy is adhered to by all visitors, students, employees, parents and the community

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