Child Safety - Qld Fire and Rescue Education Demonstration Show

In recognition of Child Protection Week each year, we are so proud to welcome the members of the Local Queensland Fire & Rescue Department to our Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centre's for a fantastic safety educational demonstration and show with the Big Red Fire truck.

Fire Fighters Educate Kids about Fire Safety

A popular toy by many children, the Big Red Fire Truck arrives at the centre in real life with lots of planned activities and edutainment performed by the Fire Fighters to promote fun learning, entertain and educate the teachers, youngsters and their families about the importance of fire safety. The lucky children, parents and teachers that attend the show at Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centres learned safety awareness tips, got an up-close-and-personal look at the fire truck and also had a little bit of fun with the siren and the water hose. They also watched a demonstration of a Firefighter suiting up, the same way they do when putting out real fires.

During and leading up to Child Protection Week, Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centres spend a lot of time learning about Safety and Protection. With fun learning activities in the classroom such as, fire truck colouring in, stories on the topic during story time, visual & audio learning activities and performing Emergency Fire Evacuation drills at the centre. All in leadup and before the amazing emergency Fire fighters visited Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centres with the Big Red Fire truck.

At Kidi Kingdom Child Care, we take fire safety very seriously and our dedicated educators are trained in fire safety regularly, at least every year. The training starts with fire safety, awareness, the use of fire extinguishers, fire blanket & fire safety equipment and emergency evacuation procedures to be ready for any possible real life emergency. First Response Training Group specializes in providing workplace training in Fire Safety throughout Queensland and Australia, we work closely with them as they provide a consistently high standard of training supported by excellent customer service and integrity. The support team at First Response Training are organised, efficient, experienced and ensure that all elements of the training sessions are dealt with professionally from the booking of venues & accommodation through to the preparation and provision of training materials.

Thank you First Response Training Group for all the regular training.

Child Protection week is all about teaching the children how to be safe in their environments. Our local Police and Fire & Rescue Emergency Station will be visiting the centres to provide educational demonstration and information for the children and viewers in attendance.

Confirmed date and time for these visits will be up on the events calender & parent notice board closer to the date.

Each room will hold their own age appropriate themed activities to celebrate Child Protection Week. For more information please see your child/children’s Lead Educator.

What did the Firefighters say? Some of the tips the Fire Fighter's shared during past centre visits and education shows =

Call "000" in an emergency.
When performing fire drills or in an emergency situation = remain calm and without panic.
Remember what you learned on fire safety tips as there can be consequences if the wrong call is made.

This child care centre event is one of many visits that the Queensland Fire and Rescue Truck make, to help promote the most important tips of fire safety awareness to children and the local community.

Parent’s Feedback

“Having the local Big Red Fire Truck and the firefighters from the Queensland Fire and Rescue Department visit was amazing for the kids” “All of us together and most importantly the children are learning about this very important life skill at a young age. We learnt about fire safety together and now we can continue to learn and refer to the information at home. It has inspired and helped me facilitate our family evacuation plans. To now know that my 4 year old son can show me at home where they would go, if a fire in their bedroom occurred, this as a parent is something we don't think about and with busy lives we struggle to make the time to discuss & educate our kids, in case a situation was to ever arise. I would like to thank Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centre's for this amazing education and how they work so hard to grow the children's skills in all area's of life.”

Message from the Child Care Centre Manager

“I look forward to all the centre activities relating to Child Protection Week, Emergency, Fire & Safety, as it is a life threatening topic. We all hear on the news about the house fire (recently a Child Care Centre near by our Kidi Kingdom Child Care Centre in Hillcrest - Logan QLD was on Fire) so it is a very real but un-wanted situation that I believe our Kidi Kingdom Families are much more aware and prepared thanks to the program on the topic and the Big Red Fire Truck visit for parents, teachers, educators and children to learn and better retain through a fun & entertaining show

The show continues to amaze and enthuse our children no matter how many times they have had the benefit of being a part of the show in the past, including myself.

I'm so proud that I know that our children through what they have learned in the classroom and the Big Red Fire Truck visit, are educated and know what to do in case of an emergency. It's not only entertaining, it will provide important skills and help the children in case of a real life emergency that may occur at the centre, in their homes, at school or any other location they may be present at during a fire.”

Thank you Miss
April our Centre Manager

Celeste O'Brien our Operations Manager commends the local fire department and emergency services personally for their dedication in educating young children across our child care centre's in south east Queensland, as a result our children and families are now more educated with fire safety and how to help in an emergency situation.

"The life skills alone that these brave emergency services personnel are teaching our children are second to none. As an advocate for children, the education and learning opportunities we are providing across our child care centres are of the highest quality and will be part of our children's lives as they develop, grow and take the all important journey of life into adulthood".

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